Promoting, Empowering and Equipping Educational Facilities and Schools

A Kikiconnect in partnership initiative to empower and boost the reach of education and education based activities in places even beyond where we have reach at the moment.

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Kiki Schools Connect

Marketing and SEO

See a comprehensive list on how we intend to market and promote your educational facility to the people you have in mind.

Fully Functional Online Portal

Get a fully functional online school/portal with online exams/certification and payments which you can use and hire out.

E-Library and Equipment

Delivery, installation and maintenance  of productivity, interactivity and security assisting software and hardware.
(Inspection Free)

Student and Staff Management

You need easy to use human resource and security management aids and these we provide to your educational facility.(Inspection Free)


The Kikiconnect Schools Technology and Promotion Drive, or simply, The Kiki Schools Connect is an avenue for the team at Kikiconnect to reach out to schools in areas of technology, human resource, and marketing/promotional needs using time proven and tested delivery methodology.
Through the Kiki Schools Connect program, our aim is to reach out to schools in areas of special need in a bid to help them find ways of solving the problems of productivity, further exposure, and profitability through methods that include but are not limited to: Fully functional online portal; Marketing and promotion; E-Library installations for any school; Time attendance device for staffs and HR support device to monitor staff and pay roll as well, plus Surveillance systems to monitor activities in the school; Internet servers and storage device for any school or educational facility and all supplies pertaining to IT.
Who Kikiconnect is
Kikiconnect is a technology and business solutions provider which aim to create and bring out the best of what our clients have to offer.
Our major market is the developing world, however, through innovative partnerships and franchises, we would expand into the other markets at neck-breaking speed. 
So whether you are trying to find the latest services, products, jobs, events or you are trying to promote, outsource or just want to list your business, jobs, events and products; we got you covered at every step of the way.

Marketing, Promotion & SEO

Comes free, unless otherwise stated, and helps you drive new clients

We help schools and educational facilities cut down on expenses to drive new clients/members to their facility.
We will carry out free basic marketing and also free advanced marketing, promotion and SEO efforts for our clients.
We utilize the following channels in helping you create awareness for your brand:
1. The Search Engine (SEO is done at this stage)
2. Social media (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest)
3. Video marketing (Promoted on Youtube - You make your own videos or we produce video at a cost)
4. Email newsletter blast to a subscriber base of over 2,000(Free), or to a subscriber base of over 7,000(paid)
5. Press releases in leading traditional and online media (not readily available)

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Kiki Schools connect
Kiki schools connect

Fully Functional Online School & Portal

Paid with unimaginable features you can use or hire out to others users for profit

Have a look at these following online features which you can use in your educational facility and hire out/lease to other educational facilities:
1. A fully functional website and online school.
2. An online CBT and certification center, fully automated.
3. An online community of members, students and staff.
4. Payment systems integrated and automated.
5. A free and brief animated promo video made for the school/educational facility and promoted online and on traditional media.
6. Mobile app functionality (android and ios)

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E-Library, Security & Equipment

Paid with flexibility and efficiency combined

We offer E-Libarary installations for any school plus Survailance systems to monitor activities in the school and also we install internet servers and storage device for any organisation and all supplies partaining to IT

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Kiki Schools Connect
Kiki schools connect

Students Talent Development & Staff Development

Paid with the best of available hands-on approach methods

We offer talent nuturing for students and members through several engaging programs almost at no cost to the school/educational facility plus Time attendance device for staffs and HR support device to monitor staff and pay roll as well.

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A Summary Of How It Works

Use the contact form below to indicate to us what your need or a combination of needs are specifically -  be it equipment(hardware/software), service, training program.
We/our partner contact you and/or  come down to inspect the educational facility(at no cost to you), in any part of the country/oversees, and we agree on what's best and obtainable.

After we have decided on what's obtainable, we order your equipment, and/or, begin the development of your requested service(s).

After which, we deliver to your location. A formal presentation of services is also done at no cost to the school/educational facility.

Powered by Kikiconnect

The extent of reach is unimaginable

Get up to $100 worth of free boost to your school and educational facility via the web, social media and on selected magazine.
- This offer is sponsored and powered by Kikiconnect and lasts for as long as offer is valid. 

*Terms and conditions apply

Use the contact form to let us know of your intention to equip, empower and promote your school/educational facility or to become our agent.

We are responsive and await your message(s).

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Become our agent

We are in need of agents to work with us nationwide and oversees

We will share profits(20% - 30%) with other people and businesses, who in helping the activities of Kiki Schools Connect, recommend clients who pay for the activities and services. 
*No special registrations required and payment is instant.
**Simply write something as simple as "I want to become an agent" in the contact form and we will reach out to you/your firm.

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