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This is where you search for and find professional services such as Legal, Health, Educational and other professional services.

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    Paystub Makr

    Use our online payroll calculator and in 5 minutes easily generate your own professional quality paystub, including accurate State and Federal income tax deductions. Try it now.

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    Yhame! Group

    Yhame is a world class service providing news, technology, web hosting and design, marketplace, online job, events/tickets management, fundraising and other services online while helping to promote businesses and content listed on the platform.

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    Flux Technology Africa

    Flux Technology Africa is a leading provider of technology solutions and services in the African market. We create and deliver swift and affordable tech solutions that enable our clients and customers meet their needs by providing an online platform where individuals, businesses, institutions and more can easily request for the best tech solutions that would enable them achieve more daily. It is our duty to provide these tech solutions to make work smarter and life better. We provide tech solutions to our customers in the following areas: • custom software development • web consulting ( including website design & development) • systems deployment and integration • mobile Apps solution and cloud services • e-business services • Business intelligence solutions • Read more [...]

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    Sopex Hitech Services

    Sopex Global Marketing Limited was incorporated in 1988 as a sales and Marketing business engaged in different types of environmental protection services and specifically to handle Technical, Installation and Consultancy Services.