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  • JUPPON EMPOWERS is an Educational Empowerment Service and Government Approved Promotional Program intended to aid Nigerian students in Senior Secondary Schools, Secondary School Graduates(JAMBITES) and Undergraduates in all federal  tertiary institutions within the country.

     JUPPON EMPOWERS Services:

    This program offer both online and off-line services to all our subscribers in the following categories explained below;

    An Online Service for Senior Secondary School Category:

    Provide a well structurally organized study guide to aid the student in developing an effective listening skills in class and flexible reading and comprehending skill when going through a new topic in their text: Note: Our material have been tested and proved positive in effectiveness on the side of the user.

    A well organized lesson study guide for flexible studying on all the students subject areas: Our online tutors have been well trained and have been strictly advised by our management to unfold all the details that will enable students to read text on their own without running through difficulty that they cannot manage to figure out solution on their own. It is a lesson guide like no other in all subjects.

    Organizing an online examination for the student: This is to improve the proficiency of these students in the use of CBT and MBT before they can get to jamb class where they will first start writing an online exam.

     An Online Service for the Secondary School Graduates (JAMBITES).

    A well developed lesson study guide in accordance with the JAMB syllables in all the subject area of every candidate: this material has been organized to address the objective and target aim of every topic to be covered by jamb class students. Any tutor that his lesson material is not up to the management required standard will not be accepted. These materials will test candidates ability in been able to reason along in any particular topic they are going through at any of their convenient studying time, by addressing all question along every sub-topic covered by the each candidate.

    Carrying out weekly online Computer based tests and Mobile based tests (CBT & MBT) on all the subject area of the jamb candidate who subscribed to us: This test is to cover all possible questions on the topics to be covered by the student in one week duration given to them to cover their weekly lesson guide before taking the weekly test.

    An Online Service for Tertiary Institution Undergraduate

    An online self discovery training classes for Undergraduates candidate for guaranteed academic and career success .

    Undergraduates would have an entirely different plan and package as their tests would come in a form of general knowledge

     Benefit of JUPPON EMPOWERS Services In The Lives Of The Candidates.

    From the research conducted by this unique body on “ the causes of massive failure recorded in the past few years by Nigerian WAEC and JAMB  student in  exams conducted by these bodies in Nigeria this past few years, has discovered the following as the major student’s challenges:

    Inadequate preparations: This is attributed to the poor reading culture from the students and lack of self discipline to social life styles.

    Lack of motivation and zealousness to seek support from their colleges who are smarter in learning.

    The introduction of a new examination format C.B.T exam test by JAMB; (A welcome development in this computer age in curbing examination malpractices in JAMB exam level and in most examinations in the undergraduate level in the country in recent times).

    Therefore this ideal program of JUPPON EMPOWERS have aimed at addressing these challenges and help all the candidates that would subscribe to us in not only passing their JAMB and WAEC exams but score very high in their jamb exams and making excellent results in their WAEC exams, with also providing aid as a form of tuition fee to help subsidize expenses throughout the study years of the successful candidates as well. Above all we believe that our students from all corners within the country would feel very delightful to acquire and share diligent learning and knowledge required of them at this level of education from their teachers through JUPPON EMPOWERS online services and their teachers in their various schools. And we the management of this program believe that education at grass roots requires collaborative efforts of a very well designed program that harnesses its growth in the lives of every Nigerian student that has interest at heart in acquiring quality education.

    Upon Completion of this Program by the Candidates the Following Goals must be Achieved by all Faithful Participants of this Program:

    The weekly test is to help all the subscribed candidates to master and improve on their use of ONLINE/CBT and MBT tests abilities through quality time management on their online questions.

    The list expected jamb score of the list participated candidate is expected to be 240, with high effort on the side of the candidate in our program they are all expected to score above 280, while the brilliant student must attain 350 and above in their JAMB.

    The candidates must have developed a self organized reading and studying culture that will pilot their success in any high institution they find themselves.

    Self dependency in taking any form of examination in their education/learning pursuit.

    Effective use of time management in any of their life goals.

    The candidates who might have phobia for CBT exams must surely develop enough self confidence to participate in such exam with delight.

    Above all is developing self worth towards their career path in life as they shall discover from this program that success requires diligent participation with full commitment and passion towards success.

     Our Offline Services

    The offline service has been organized to inculcate into students the ability to understand technical and practical application of education as a way of promoting National development. In this category the management delegates team of smart educational advocates to address students in their various schools through workshop teaching and training in the following areas of importance:

    The core need for acquiring quality education.

    The concept of carrier choice.

    The effective need of creativity and innovation in education in Nigeria.

    The need of acquiring technical skill.

    JUPPON EMPOWERS Promotions

    The management of this program fully understands the special needs to appreciate the efforts of her candidates who faithfully participated in her program. And in this regards the organizers of this program, through the effort of our supporters and sponsors have come up with this unique promotion package to encourage all the students who fall within the brackets of these services to follow us on this program and stand the chances of securing tuition fee ticket to any of the federal high institution of their choice where the student got admitted to study, after meeting up with JUPPON EMPOWERS promotional terms.

    The management offers tuition fee ticket to her candidate who joined her program at SSS1 Class to the candidate JAMBITE class.

    To all her JAMBITE class candidate, who made up to 70% participation appearance in JUPPON EMPOWERS weekly test, which will help the candidate also to attract 30% of the assessment for their final JUPPON EMPOWERS online examination for promotion grading.

    To all level of Undergraduates students who subscribe to our tuition fee ticket.

    Requirements to secure JUPPON EMPOWERS tuition ticket to candidate institution of choice.

    70% participation in her weekly test.

    Participation in her final JUPPON EMPOWERS exam, this exam is to be conducted one week before jamb exam kicks off.

    Participate in jamb exam and must score up to 200.

    Admission into candidate federal high institution of choice i.e University, polytechnic and collage of education.

    The management will be requiring the following from her candidate who secured tuition ticket.

    WAEC result printout.

    JAMB result prints out.

    JAMB admission letter printout.

    Letter of confirmation from the admitted department where the candidate was cleared for admission.

    A statement of recent semester result from the undergraduate students who subscribe for our tuition fee ticket for the year.


    The management is calling for the support and sponsorship of the good citizens of this great nation, the government at all level, the private and public sectors in the country to help us in meeting up with this goal in assisting our fellow young  educating citizens in reaping the dividend of this program in full.

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  • City: Uwani
    State/Region: Enugu
    Country: Nigeria

    Job Vacancies

    Job Vacancy: Contract
    Job Sector: Private Sector
    Job Position: Tutor and Agents
    Job Description:

    Agents are expected to register students on the Juppon Empowers platform and Tutors are expected to train and mentor the registered students on the platform.
    An agent might also be a tutor.

    CV Submission: [email protected]

    Property Listing - For Real Estate Dealers Only

    Area (Sq Ft): 0
  • JUPPON EMPOWERS Educational Service Of Nigeria has made it a business opportunity for as many as will afford to help the management in her educational advocating services as a JUPPON EMPOWERS rural Educational service agent. For Senior secondary schools students, JAMBITE Students and Undergraduates Students in Nigeria.


    · Interested applicants are required by the management of JUPPON EMPOWERS Educational services of Nigeria to make a cash deposit of Twenty Thousand Naira only (20000naira) through any of these banks nearest to the applicant (Diamond bank, Gt bank, Zenith Bank and First bank) into JUPPON EMPOWERS account.

    · The applicant is to collect confirmation of payment printout from any of these banks after making payment of Twenty thousand naira only (20000naira) into JUPPON EMPOWERS Account. The payment confirmation printout would contain the applicant’s username & passwords.

    · The applicant is to go to ( to click on portal and login using the username and password from his confirmation of payment from bank, to complete the agent registration form and submit online.

    · After successful submission of the registration form online, the applicant is to receive an email immediately from JUPPON EMPOWERS instructing the applicant to go back to the site after 24 hours to print his/her JUPPON EMPOWERS rural service agent contract agreement and terms of working with the JUPPON EMPOWERS management form.

    · The contract agreement would contain the applicant’s client identification number for making payments into JUPPON EMPOWERS Bank Accounts for all candidates registering under the applicant (agent), and format to design his JUPPON EMPOWERS Identification card as a JUPPON EMPOWERS rural service agent under our management and other relevant personal information of the agent.


    · JUPPON EMPOWERS deems it best to compensate all her rural service agent by making available 10% commission three hundred naira (300naira) from each candidate that registered through the agent i.e the agent is advised to pay a sum of Two thousand seven hundred naira only (2700naira) into jupon empowers account for each candidate registering through the agent for our services.

    · The management is here by obligating that the agents charge a maximum sum of 500naira per candidate for online registrations, and printing of their registration forms under them.

    · The management is also advising that the agents should make provisions of the following necessary resource/materials (strong internet network, computer systems, and capable mobile phones) that would help candidates that do not have those materials to enable them participate in their weekly, monthly and final JUPPON EMPOWERS exams.

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