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    Services for The Blind

    Job Vacancy: Other

    We provide classes for children and adults who are blind. They are taught skills that will help them to be safe, be productive and enjoy life to the best of their ability. Speak with us today to arrange enrollment for your that person that is so important to you. We also need donations. details are on our website

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    Enaya Development Foundation

    Who we are Enaya is a charitable development foundation which works to help and protect victims of violence, especially women, children and those with special needs, provides them with health and psychological care and legal counseling , provides all their needs of houses, food, drink and clothes in cooperation with all concerned and relevant ministries and institutions ,and finds highly qualified staff who work to train and qualify them to help them to reintegrate into society to achieve the principle of family reconciliation and to consolidate the concepts of coexistence and interdependence between members of the same society Vision Providing a pioneering model for the role of civil society organizations as a development partner in Yemen by supporting innovative development Read more [...]