Since most of our customers are now very active on social media, we have gone 100% social.

With the introduction of the Kikiconnect V2.0, alot of the Kikiconnect business and eCommerce features, including selling, sign up and login can now be done via your social media account so that you do not need to leave your social media page.

All features including, Signup, Login, Customer support, Marketing and promotional campaigns for businesses and even selling and adding your businesses to our new business listing service, can now be done via social media.
You do not ever need to leave social media to interact with most parts of the Kikiconnect ecosystem.

The customer is the foundation of any business’ success. One of the primary goals of any marketing strategy should be to identify and meet the needs of the consumer.

We have done quite alot in this regard in V2 and have gone ahead to implement full integrations with the following platforms:

  1. Twitter
  2. Facebook
  3. Linkedin
  4. Instagram
  5. Google
  6. WordPress

Considering customer needs during the development and promotion of a product is not the only way to emphasize customer needs. Customer considerations after the product has been marketed are important as well and we have introduced Social media as well to customer service.
Now, you can reach us anytime on social media and receive prompt response from our staff.


Join thousands of ourother members on social media. Reach us via any of our social media platforms for more exciting and interesting people releases and updates.




Author: kikiconnect

Kikiconnect is a business directory and job place that connects service providers with clients and customers who need their services and who can fill their job vacancies.With our online marketplace, clients now can buy, sell, swap and auction.