We will be deleting our current marketplace from our database pretty soon to birth a better one.
This means that from a few days time, there will be a brand new and multi-programmed marketplace.

This will affect our marketplace and marketplace products ONLY and NOT business owners and businesses listed on kikiconnect.

We do apologize for any inconveniences and wish to state that the marketplace is not going away but will be rebuilt and made to accommodate more regions, currencies and customization.

We have updated our site with both refund policy and delivery policy to reflect this and to help serve you and your clients better.

After the current marketplace is deleted, we cannot guarantee that your products will remain and hence we encourage you to re-add your products, however in compensation, we will be giving every new vendor and product addition a free $20 worth of free credit to promote the new product added.

Our staff will promote these products for you, after you add them in a space of one month, as a piece of goodwill from us.

AS STATED EARLIER, This will affect marketplace and marketplace products ONLY and NOT businesses listed on kikiconnect.

We wish you the best in your continued business listings with us.


Author: Kikiconnect

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