We would be Promoting, Empowering and Equipping Educational facilities and schools

A Kikiconnect in partnership(with Optix Limited) initiative to empower and boost the reach of education and education based activities in places even beyond where we have reach at the moment.

The Kikiconnect Schools Technology and Promotion Drive, or simply, The Kiki Schools Connect is an avenue for the team at Kikiconnect to reach out to schools in areas of technology, human resource, and marketing/promotional needs using time proven and tested delivery methodology.
Through the Kiki Schools Connect program, our aim is to reach out to schools and educational facilities in areas of special need in a bid to help them find ways of solving the problems of productivity, further exposure, and profitability through methods that include but are not limited to: Fully functional online portal; Marketing and promotion; E-Library installations for any school; Time attendance device for staffs and HR support device to monitor staff and pay roll as well, plus Surveillance systems to monitor activities in the school; Internet servers and storage device for any school or educational facility and all supplies pertaining to IT.

What the program entails and contents

  • Marketing, Promotion and SEO
  • Fully Functional Online School and Portal
  • E-Library, Security and Equipment
  • Student Talent Development and Staff Development

Become our agent in your area

Become an agent in your area and connect schools and touch lives. We will share profits, with other people and businesses, who in helping the activities of Kiki Schools Connect, recommend clients who pay for the activities and services.

Learn More and Reach us

To see more on the Kiki Schools Connect, Visit https://www.kikiconnect.com/schools/


Author: Enoch Diary