Because we know that businesses are adopting to lean, agile and flexible structures to keep up with the changeable working dynamics;  We are glad to announce that we have redesigned the Kikiconnect platform to make your business time with us worth the effort.

We have announced an entirely new Kikiconnect version 2.0 businessplace in recent times and now we bring it you that the Kikiconnect V2 is finally out, tested and fully deployed.

Asides our old marketplace, which was deleted to give way for a totally new and better marketplace, every other aspects of Kikiconnect was upgraded during the process.

The old Kikiconnect V1, gone, to give way to a new Kikiconnect V2

We have added some features to make the new Kikiconnect worth your business experience:

A rebuilt business search
It is now easier for clients to search for your business place on Kikiconnect and connect with you in your preferred language and style.
Search for businesses

A brand new marketplace
The new kikiconnect marketplace is equipped with the best of tools to help you buy and sell in any of the currencies we accept (NGN, USD, EUR and BTC). Bitcoin was added to include cryptocurrencies for crypto lovers. In the future, we will be integrating the Kikicoin as well. Shopping can be done in any of the currencies we support on the Kikiconnect marketplace.
See your marketplace

sample seller store
A sample seller dashboard from the Kikiconnect marketplace – You have yours when you are a seller on Kikiconnect.

Automated Payments
All payments have been fully automated to help in quality and target delivery.

Sound analytics have also been added to both the business and marketplace to show you how your business listings and products are performing currently.

Booster plans made more effective
Our premium business booster plans have been made even more effective in getting word about your business out to potential clients/customers.
Boost Your Business

We now get you the best business websites, apps plus promotions and if you do have a website already, feel free to include this when adding your listings as this functionality has been effectively added and updated.
Add your business website to a new listing and on the other hand
Request a website from us

Multi-Language support for web content and live chat
Don’t worry we got you covered as we now have added support for over a dozen languages with more to be added soon. Our website is now fully translated on the fly to tally with your browser language.

Wallet/Financial Statements
The V2 provides you with the best of financial and wallet statements – See and track your financial spendings on Kikiconnect

Mobile Data Plans
Browsing datat plans was introduced to enable data users and internet surfers have the cheapest of data – more regions and networks coming soon. Buy Data Plans

Schools and education program (We call it the Kiki Schools Connect Initiative)
The Kiki Schools Connect is an avenue for the team at Kikiconnect to reach out to schools in areas of technology, human resource, and marketing/promotional needs using time proven and tested delivery methodology. Sign up your school and educational facility

Now you can help us spread to your regions and to other places bringing the other services that we offer. Become our agent/Franchisee.


Author: Kikiconnect

Kikiconnect is a business directory and job place that connects service providers with clients and customers who need their services and who can fill their job vacancies.With our online marketplace, clients now can buy, sell, swap and auction.