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Welcome to the official Kikiconnect franchise/ agent network and welcome to a standout business module and an opportunity to begin a unique and feature-packed business in your neighbourhood.
Under this term, we will license our know-how, procedures, intellectual property, use of our business model, brand, and rights to sell our branded products and services to you – the franchisee and agent.

All Franchisees/agents, after approval of application shall get in their email, a unique franchise ID number which is required for official communication and business relations with The Kiki Group and for registration of new clients(all instructions will be sent to registered agents via email).

Franchisees/agents are expected to register new members/businesses and help them place their businesses with job vacancies and real estate listings(where applicable), products, services, events, and ads on the KikiConnect business directory and marketplace respectively.

Franchisees/agents may also accept and process advert requests and business premium requests,and other custom requests on behalf of KikiConnect.

Franchisees/agents are also, and in addition, entitled to profits from the Kikiconnect business directory, marketplace, advertisements, premium subscriptions and other avenues plus logistics and more taken care of otherwise.

All agent enquiry, feedback and manual registration; call: +234-705-0878843 or send email to agent@kikiconnect.com

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