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Kikiconnect offers you the best advert placements on the web, social media, and media for your business place listings, products and services. We ensure your advert is seen across several sites, social media platforms, media and more places than you imagine.
The kikiconnect website is like an online ad agent; this means that placing your advert on the kikiconnect website, will get your advert promoted on the kikiconnect website, several other partner websites such as Yhame, mikyc, google and more.

Secondly, your advert is broadcast across these social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Google plus, Pinterest and Linkedin – this is especially for text ads and guest/blog posts.

Thirdly, your advert is seen across select magazine (coming soon)

All adverts are priced according to it’s duration for a week, 2weeks or for month according to the listed prices below:

  • Promote for 1 week – ₦2,000 (image ad);
    ₦3,000(text ads without fb boost); ₦4,000(text ads with fb boost); ₦5,000(guest/blog posts)
  • Promote for 2 week – ₦3,000 (image ad);
    ₦4,500(text ads without fb boost); ₦6,000(text ads with fb boost); ₦7,000(guest/blog posts)
  • Promote for 1 month – ₦5,000 (image ad);
    ₦7,500(text ads without fb boost); ₦9,000(text ads with fb boost); ₦10,000(guest/blog posts)
If you are subscribed to any of our premium packs, then you have discounted prices on business adverts and promotions on your already purchased premium package.
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